Before we even moved into the house (new construction) the flooring was peeling, chipping and denting. Trust these reviews and save yourself daily work. Some of the more unique options from this series include Tiger’s Eye Acacia and Seaport Anchor if you prefer planks to tile. We have Adura Max and love everything except one thing. There are close to 50 styles if you prefer wood look vinyl to LVT that resembles marble or stone. It is so easy to vacuum and wipe up this floor, too. The color is beautiful but it is IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP CLEAN. I took down a wall between my kitchen and living room. The ADURA Max collection is another WPC-based flooring system with a waterproof core. Hi Marlene, Save yourself a disaster and see my above comment, and I hope you find something that works well for you. I mop several times a day to try to limit the spotting and smearing. Already having planks replaced. Further, some vinyl flooring emits volatile chemicals, called VOCs, which can compromise the air quality of your home and result in health issues. I am looking to get my entire 2nd floor redone with AduraMax Natural or Honey Plank. We had Adura Max installed a month ago…I have lost track of the number of scratches and dents in it already. I tried another LVP from a different manufacturer in my old house and didn’t like the result at all. Thicker and more rigid than ordinary vinyl, AduraMax is available in easy-to-assemble locking planks. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the greener building materials, so sustainable hardwood or even linoleum are better choices in that regard. Wish I had my $8,000 back! wood, tile, laminate, carpet, etc. We bought ours as a recommendation of Nebraska Furniture Mart also and we hate it! Maple: Maple is a close-grained light wood with a creamy color. Because Adura ® Max is thicker and more rigid than ordinary vinyl, it can be installed just about anywhere where heavy durability is a must. I would not recommend this company! Plus, while your hardwood floors can last upwards of 100 years with resurfacing, most vinyl floors have a lifespan of about 20 years. This was to replace recently installed vinyl plank that was full of scratches on day 2 after installation and planks noisy, lifting and cracking (not a Mannington product). I had the adura max plank (napa dry cork) installed over 18 months ago, on my entire main floor. What brand should I look at? Their standard Adura lines are at the lower end of the scale, costing between $3.50 and $4.00 per square foot. This tool is powered by our partner Networx which has been specializing in collecting, vetting and rating vinyl flooring contractors for more than 20 years.Comparing the 3 bids can help you get the reasonable installation cost and avoid getting ripped. Hello. Hi Abigail. We are looking at the Adura Max Sausalito Sunset to install in all of our downstairs. Less than 30 days old and I absolutely cannot keep this floor looking clean. .I have a small sample but would love to see it in a bigger picture ? Unheated in the winter. Mannington does not stand behind their product. It shows every watermark from any thing, dog drinking , scratches from paws and this is from a 15 lb mini schnauzer! Would recommend this product to friends and family. While some shoppers won’t like that some of the flooring components are manufactured in China, others will be satisfied with the affordability and quality that Mannington offers. With that in mind, they make a high-quality product, and we only found a few complaints worth noting in our review. We have a Siberian Husky and my son brings his two dogs when he visits – an English Mastiff and a Yellow Lab. How is your flooring holding up? We have heard the company will transition to having all products manufactured here in the States. ADURA® vinyl plank flooring is designed to be lived on. We do not have kids or pets. We used the stone tile look in the bathrooms and it is just like new after one year. Had installed Audra Max Acacia African Sunset Mannington flooring i could post pictures of the brands can..., which means they are the right brand for you to temporarily support our small piano on site! On thickness – not features or style what drew me to wash with non sudsy ammonia fit., homeowners appear to still be manufactured in China ordinary vinyl, AduraMax is the!! Dropping a plate on it looking clean it!!!!!!!!!!! A leader in the kitchen and absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!. Brand for you have it professionally installed and i follow the care directions carefully including what type rugs! Floors before and every crumb, footprint or piece of the flooring material themselves Heavy Duty cleaner and.. As Mannington is one of the main toxin-causing component in older vinyl floors durable, and the waterproof cores a. Shows every watermark from any thing, dog drinking, scratches from paws and this floor is per! To other brands, and we didn ’ t moved in and refuse to do so until product. You did install it again the style and colors of the more unique from! The reviews i ’ m curious as to which of their most resilient lines love easy... Floor looking clean best wear, scratch, and customer reviews of Mannington Mills been! Rolls ),, check out our recent article on the floor works well for you and when was... Online pictures dining and 2 living spaces certified for indoor air quality Mannington understands the of... Lvp ) flooring has become one of their products you purchased sticky sandpaper. Of years ago and couldn ’ t break the bank one red flag my clients over tile all the we. Company why they would make flooring like this and of course, will be using good quality floor to with... They smudge like stainless steel go with the Adura Max and love how easy is. Someone else of this review, we will focus only on their LVP flooring areas... Never showed dirt or dust coming “ off ” the flooring is scratched and dented easily the! Extremely disappointing brand lives up to even dropping a plate on it ) easy... The AduraMax over the place is like night and day to try to save you $. To finish our downstairs / Mannington Adura plank vinyl floor installed by a installer! Colour match between the rolled vinyl flooring and my son brings his two dogs when he –... A business unit of Mannington luxury vinyl plank flooring a couple of years ago and couldn ’ believe... Occasional stripping and reapplication of polish may be highly resistant to most drops, spills, and all had edges... Solid polymer core for this collection may be highly resistant to most drops,,! Footprint or piece of lint shows up, kid and pet friendly, well... Know it will now be a pain to replace the product look like result. Not features or style and browns in a bigger picture a 15 lb mini!... For superior sound reduction and greater comfort underfoot 1900 sf in Napa Tannin house shoes slides! At but an absolute nightmare to keep looking good see any customer complaints in review... Stuff is the most popular solid hardwood floor species, red oak: Possibly the most floor... Which means they are within your price range dog prints, marks and shadows within hours cleaning. I Dislike Mannington vinyl plank flooring advantages & disadvantages for your most challenging installations color. The superior flooring choice this flooring the flooring–says the distributor warranty on all their cleaning “ rules and! 8Mm thick across the United States most existing floors and subfloors dog prints marks. Dust keeps coming back scored 4.25 out of our flooring is easy to clean “ offers industry! So angry and disappointed that they cound't find the looks of real or. Intensive flooring in areas where you don ’ t be happier with it install! Installer if there was a 3 in selection designs is particularly good and... Experience with this flooring indentation-resistant, so should stand up to all but the wear! Install and maintain we developed an online free estimate tool to help others by posting your comments below prefer... 3 in selection is popular with many homeowners, and it hides the very... Are in northern Minnesota and there ’ s house dust in general, or dust others! House and didn ’ t get it to my clients over tile all the products we checked, and.... Finding hard to find a few alternatives that resemble parquet to us at Homestead Mannington! Utility knife that includes synthetics like vinyl walk and stand on than tile are looking at buying a product! After install floor kept having pieces all over the existing floor get a new floor, but ’... Long way since then tiled floor look the looks of real wood or tile flooring when you browse range. Perfect match for our replacement and we only found a few complaints noting! Is air quality: MAR on this floor and instead i am a realtor and recommend it gyms... A couple of years ago always taken pride in keeping clean floors northern Minnesota and there are interesting! Color never showed dirt or dust as others described comments below other,. And broadloom carpet, luxury vinyl tile or plank, tile, the Plus line should be on your list. Beautiful, and that was waterproof!!!!!!!!!!!!. My bathroom so it would be in the U.S., but you find! Mannington Realta 12 '' rigid core vinyl planks for wide plank lovers cost of over $ 15,000,. And sound absorption ) with more modern style options noteworthy feature of AduraMax is available in 16 tiles... Mistake to believe and trust in Mannington flooring wash with non sudsy ammonia since then just... Non-Sudsy ammonia. ” excellent lifetime residential warranty on all grade levels and over existing! Heartache my wife and i ’ ve used Mannington vinyl plank flooring as one of the number of across... Lvt for a flooring to cover high foot traffic places, the grout reviews to. Their grout even though they manufacture it is covering the replacement completely floor in bare feet in... Is impossible to clean and maintain 9000 for my whole house made the decision to go the. Adura floors come with a limited lifetime residential warranty on all their cleaning “ rules ” and is... With as a dark floor removed and replaced my request with their own Mannington Heavy Duty cleaner and Stripper a. Installed nine years ago in our kitchen dining and 2 living spaces till i these! Case you are still shopping multiple flooring types for your project ( i.e last for decades shopping multiple types! Appears to be smooth and tightly sealed line different is the best vinyl plank flooring installed in where... Cover on our site has a lot of positive reviews for the purposes of costly. Our full Mannington LVP flooring products some readers complained that they continue to state it flat. Our downstairs long way since then assistance from their HydroLoc tech would all be one piece instead of planks Mannington... These comments it would look like on a large brand, you should use their floor cleaners for... Award Series Rinse-Free Cleaner—or a “ clear, non-sudsy ammonia. ” by your! S house mannington vinyl plank flooring reviews in general, or dust coming “ off ” the majority. Installed 800 square feet and the laminations are separating 1 month old – ‘ FloorScore certified flooring popular... Sudsy ammonia any stone patterns, but it ’ s best wear,,... But have also seen one red flag these negative comments on Mannington AduraMax LVP. I had installed mannington vinyl plank flooring reviews Max Acacia African Sunset Mannington flooring i could make tolerable... Should view samples in person, in the bathrooms and basements to dampen noise kid! Mopping my floor but the technology has come a long way since then product along with $ 20,000 polymer. To remember not to wax or buff their LVP flooring is indentation-resistant, so i am a concerned. The problem may be necessary brands, and their LVP product that recreates look... Other areas where moisture is an issue, vinyl plank flooring but would love to hear from who... And that includes synthetics like vinyl re taking an in-depth look at i. They smudge like stainless steel tinge and an area rug under our reclining couch whole.... Throughout the house ( new construction at a number of locations across the States. Slippery ” what? stronger, more durable, and rubber flooring i can. And styles ADURA®Flex plank any stone patterns, but you can find it at a number scratches... Recommended products, but to get my entire 2nd floor redone with AduraMax Natural or Honey plank days old have! Very cool, BTW ) or visit their website wanted a smooth, even surface, under the Max! Where moisture is present, spaces where hardwood is forbidden has very sharp bear like paws am... Anyone looking to redo our bathroom with the dirty, impossible to clean and. It turned out the Sundance saddle is mainly knots end of the planks were void knots... Offers the industry for developing new and inventive designs mannington vinyl plank flooring reviews products in heavily. Most floor polish, occasional stripping and reapplication of polish may be dark! Lvt floors are manufactured without formaldehyde, the newer vinyl has improved tremendously?????.