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Lastly, the Sacrificial Greatsword will reset the cooldown of her elemental skill after damaging an enemy. Chongyun main here. I use sacrificial on my chong but i use him purely for support in abyss. Chongyun does most of his dmg from normals and cryo so having sucrose to inflict reduce cryo resistance is amazing.. As much as people like xingwuil with Chongyun the shatter dmg is horrible and you would be better off using Bennett or CL for a melt combo. Chong is my main and he pairs well with Bennet, sucrose and another flex xiangling or xingwuil). Sacrificial Greatsword in Genshin. Sacrificial greatsword gives energy recharge which is surprisingly not bad for him.!/tid=CUSA23678_00 It can channel elemental power with ease. Base attack, secondary stat, passive bonus, rarity, rank, level, and ascensions. It grants the wielder the power to withstand the winds of time. Also cryo damage on the cup of course. This weapon is great for Xinyan because of her heavy reliance on her elemental skill in this build. A guide by 2Board_on reddit who has given permission for us to post this - you can find the original guide on reddit here.. Random spicy damage will make him a monster. Can only occur once every 30s. After damaging an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. You get to have a frost layer with a 20 second duration and with me having cryo damage artifact I can say that I do alot more dps compared to aminus. I personally am f2p and can’t really test this out . I've seen some videos where dudes using Claymore do some decent damage as well, but i would like to keep using a big ass sword like my BK Greatsword. Description: A ceremonial greatsword that has become petrified over time. More posts from the Genshin_Impact community. It gives energy recharge, similar to Favonius and 2 chances to activate the reset your shield (one is when you use the shield and one is … The trinkets on it are still visible. Sharpshooter's Oath. If you’ve decided to use the Greatsword well then you’re going to need to know the best builds so you can dish out top DPS and also look … Theoretically it seems the Sacrificial Greatsword would get more value on Diluc than anyone else because his elemental skill is a 3 parter so it seems to me that each of the 3 hits would have a chance at the sword’s proc. Welcome to the Honey Impact, Genshin Impact database, tools and guides website. Snow Tombed Starsilver Stats, Passive Ranks, & Ascension . Dunno whats up with that. #4 Sacrificial Greatsword - Easy rank 1 if you have at least CONSTELLATION and using Retracing Bolide. That’s the only epic claymore I have for him. Again, this is not a true comparison of both swords. Okay I didn't know it would proc the rimechaser talent. Whiteblind: Yay, another Whiteblind user. Just sharing my gameplay with my recently pulled character Diluc. Because it’s more important to guarantee that those 2 e’s will crit so u can have bigger burst . The Greatsword in Monster Hunter World is one of the most popular, most used and most charged weapons in the game. Date : 2020-11-30 By : T.Kimheng . This claymore passive after damaging an opponent with an element skill the skill has a %chance to end it own CD. Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. The final act told a tale of the protection of Mondstadt, of life, and of freedom. Rolled Sac Greatsword R2 and Chongyun early and love this combo, his Elemental Burst is always up and once you get Rimechaser Blade you can Burst -> Skill -> Skill -> Rimechaser -> Burst for crazy damage almost instantly. Sacrificial Greatsword Overview. Optimally no. Sacrificial Greatsword . 1 Description 2 Lore 3 Trivia 4 Ascensions 5 Gallery 6 Change History 7 Navigation A heavy ceremonial sword of the Knights of Favonius. Sacrificial Greatsword Stats, Passive Ranks, & Ascension . The 10% reduced Cyro resistance only applies if the target had any to begin with and does not go into the negatives, compared to Razors Def reduction, which more targets than not have. Sacrificial greatsword gives energy recharge which is surprisingly not bad for him. It's craftable, which makes it refinable as you craft it multiple times. It channels elemental power easily and is highly destructive. Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; More topics from this board... Is Razor worth building: RealmIyce: 30: 1/9 6:19PM: Help me build a team with Razor and Diona: xxxrauberxxx: 10: 1/7 9:59PM: A party of catalyst users all with prototype amber: Fatback: 14: 1/8 12:09AM: Snow-Tombed Star Silver or Prototype? Skyward Pride. If u main frostboi.. May I suggest you join our sub at r/PopsicleMains. I’m using it. On the cliff facing the eastern sea, the ancestors worshiped the masters of Time and Anemo together. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wine and Song. But if anyone wished on the weapon banner right now and has a max refinement sacrificial grate sword would care to test this out I’d appreciate it . It also seems like one of your artifacts is cyro damage (Which is not needed unless you hit Attack soft cap) and Crit Chance. Might be lack of experience with actual pvp gods but people really can't … It grants the wielder the power to withstand the winds of time. You get near 100% uptime on his burst for some great sustained dps. Since using his burst gives him a buff (changes his attack to pyro) and you can't reuse his burst until the buff wears off, you are locked into the buff duration as a second cooldown on his burst. Another Third rank in our best claymore tier list in Genshin Impact is Sacrificial Greatsword it has 44 base atk damage in level 1.
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