… s dressing service on site Transport arranged by purchasers expense. Spotted Gum F27; Silvertop Ash F27; Karri Structural F17; Timber Sleepers. My plan is to have 6”x 6”x 3/4” tiles for the entire house. Please note: 12mm, 40mm and 60mm sizes are no longer available. Deal yourself in on the special of the month. WM TIMBER ARE OPEN AGAIN AND OFFERING OUR HUGE RANGE OF TIMBER SLABS AT DISCOUNTED PRICES! We also less frequetly stock softwoods such as Banksia, Pine and Silky Oak. : 2460mm (Long) x 660mm to 670mm (Wide) x 39mm (Thick) Natural edge ; Milled approx. Perfect for outdoor settings, coffee tables, benchtops, bartops and other projects. We also have matching Wall Panel Cladding and Shiplap in Feature Grade: Hardwood timber slabs for sale. Best Prices Red gum timber is sourced from across southern Papua New Guinea to coastal south-eastern Victoria. Red Gum timber is available in limited amounts. Raw and Dressed Slabs Timbers Slabs - large collection 6 Melissa St, Auburn, NSW Prices starting from $30 for Raw slab and Offcuts Go Natural Timbers - Slabs and Burls, offers a wide variety of Australia Timber Slabs and Burls with natural edge … The grain is usually interlocked and often displays gum veins which add to the appearance although they can make this timber difficult to work. : 1870mm (Long) x 290mm to 330mm (Wide) x 25mm (Thick) Rustic natural edge slab section ; Will make a great rustic shelf (277366-15) GST Note: GST will be added to the final bid price of this item. River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) is an iconic Australian tree, yielding an equally iconic Australian timber.The timber has a reputation for durability, strength and its distinctive red colouring. We have a huge range of Australian Hardwood kiln dried timber slabs at heavily discounted prices. A GRADE STANDARD GRADE OR BETTER HARDWOOD DECKING NATURALLY DRIED/SEASONED IN BUILDING GRADE F14 F17 FEATURE GRADE hardwood timb. Sydney Blue Gum is one of the more popular eastern Australian red timbers. This one will sa, Gold Coast Local Hardwood Sawmill Timber Specials, Hardwood SPECIALS: Mixed Hardwood Feature Grade (2nd Grade mixed species) 070x20 $1.950 072x22 $2.181 082x20 $2.666 094x20 $3.250 113x19 $4.191 118x20 $4.191 135x19 $5.446 140x20 $5.446 The wood is resinous with frequent gum pockets. Red Gum. REDGUM SLEEPERS 200 X 50mm SET LENGTHS AVAILABLE IN 1.8, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0 SUITABLE FOR RETAINING WALLS, GARDEN BEDS, AND FENCE POSTS PRICE IS PER SLEEPER Billerbeck. Common Applications. Mat Scientific Name: Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Today, it is the lowest valued hardwood lumber species available in large quantities. Gum Sawn Timber worldwide market of buyers and sellers. The grain is interlocked and frequently wavy which produces a fiddleback figure when quarter cut. Send us a message to make an appointment at our warehouse at 3(63-7, Pick up Endeavour hills Grades. Species we have are Birdseye ash, Vic ash, messmate, red gum, angophra, spotted gum, iron bark, silky oak and much much more. 109 x 19 Wall Panel = $6.932 per lm The Heartwood of River Red Gum Timber is usually a brilliant red colour, which can range from shades of light pink to almost black. Red Gum slabs Blue Gum and Red Gum Sample African Mahogany satin finish ex A.M.F. Go Natural Timbers - Slabs and Burls, offers a wide variety of Australia Timber Slabs and Burls with natural edge grain - Ranging from Red Gum, Syndey Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Mahogany, Tallowood, Camphor, Cedar & much more. A large Hardwood found from the districts of Warragul in Victoria and as far north as Cairns QLD. BIG HARDWOOD TIMBERS BEAMS POSTS - ALL SIZES BIG HARDWOOD TIMBERS, HARDWOOD TIMBER BOARD PLANK DECK PACKS 150x25 BIG HARDWOOD TIMBERS, Timber Slabs - HUGE RANGE - Best collection in Sydney, Australian Hardwood timber slabs & burls - blackbutt, red gum etc, Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. ... Red Gum Timber. Become a Partner. Prices per lineal metre. Redgum Timber Available Now! A large Hardwood found from the districts of Warragul in Victoria and as far north as Cairns QLD. Price : CALL. 100mmx100mm 150mmx150mm 200mmx200mm 250mmx250mm 300mmx300mm 400mmx400mm 300mmx100mm 300mmx75mm 250mmx50mm 250mmx75mm 250mmx100mm 200mmx50mm. 200mmx75mm 200mmx100mm 150mmx50mm 150mmx75mm 150mmx100mm 100mmx50mm. The growth rate is slow and this creates a very hard, dense timber with very durable properties. Find us on facebook or, TopAustralian Hardwood timber slabs & burls - blackbutt, red gum etc, Australian Hardwood timber slabs & burls. Forest Red Gum timber is durable with a high density which makes it an excellent timber for decking, flooring, construction and the making of furniture. 86x19 dressed top and sides or DAR $7.00/lm The texture of this timber is moderately coarse and even. 150x22 dressed top and sides or DAR $12.00/lm Grey Iron Bark Feature Grade (2nd Grade) 118x20 $5.906 140x20 $8.059 The soft warmth and universal beauty of hardwood timber flooring adds light and class to each room with its unique, natural glow. Qty: Home | About … Skip dressed; Dried & ready for use; High Feature; Approx. 136 x 19 Shiplap = $10.087 per lm If mills don’t need wood, prices go down. Now: $35.00 Place Order. 150x30 rough sawn $8.50/lm Red Gum is sometimes difficult to source so our stock can sometimes be low. Pictures are to be used as a guide only as the colour can vary. (03) 5453 2401 ron@arbuthnotsawmills.com.au Home Timber prices are directly affected by the forces of supply and demand. Blackbutt Feature Grade (2nd Grade) 094x20 $4.205 118x20 $5.424 140x20 $7.048 Heartwood class 1 above ground, Termite resistant and Janka hardness of 14. Heartwood is Red with lighter sapwood. As we’re a production sawmill, all products have to be ordered in advance prior to pick up. Northern Red Oak to offer! Furniture Timber Prices: Our prices reflect the quality and scarcity of furniture timbers available. Red Gum Timber Prices. Arbuthnot Sawmills Redgum timber range include furniture, flooring, decking, benchtops, bridge timbers, rail timbers, house stumps and fence droppers. Timbers of this species have a range of applications. Colours vary within the middle range of reds, brown hues are also common. GO NATURAL TIMBERS - Camphor, Blackbutt, Red Gum, Spotted Gum and much more. Any Size Cut at Very Competitive Prices … The texture of Forest Red Gum timber is even with a moderately coarse grain. The timber is relatively hardy and has an attractive lustre which can result in an impressive polish. Matching End-matched External Shiplap Cladding and Internal Wall Panel in 136mm cover and 109mm cover also available. Prices are from $80 a lineal metre. MENU. Beautiful Northern Red Oak #1 com to offer! Additional Information. If mills need wood, prices go up. Prices range from $20.00 (mounting board or breadboard sized pieces) to over $1000.00 for dining table sized slabs. Red Gum timber was often used as railway sleepers, posts and stumps for houses and wharf timbers along the Murray River. Species: Redgum, Mississippi Liquidambar styraciflua. Earthwood™ Recycled Timber Flooring Menu Toggle. Australian Red Cedar Price List. 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